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In person, online or home visit options available. In-depth, holistic assessment and rehab plans for people with musculoskeletal complaints. 

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One-one coaching sessions at the Ilkley clinic or online to help you improve your performance, health and wellbeing.

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In depth physio assessment and treadmill running gait analysis to help improve running performance, injury reduction and enjoyment of running.

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Deep tissue massage for achey and sore muscles to help alleviate pain, improve recovery and reduce the risk of injury.

Available at the Ilkley clinic or your home.

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Online and in-person sessions. Improve your strength, control, balance and coordination. Beginners to Advanced. 

One-one available. My classes are delivered at Ilkley Yoga Centre, the physio clinic or your home.

In depth physio assessment and bike fit at the clinic to help manage current pain and discomfort on the bike. Improve your performance and enjoyment of the sport! 

Summit Physiotherapy Clinic

From professional athletes to fitness enthusiasts, individuals who engage in physically demanding activities are prone to experience aches and mobility issues. If not addressed on time, your symptoms can worsen and adversely impact your performance. At Summit Physiotherapy, I offer various physio services designed to treat issues holistically.

Specialising in all facets of physiotherapy, clients can benefit from pilates, strength coaching, runners MOT, and deep tissue massage at my physiotherapy clinic. Furthermore, each service has been developed to suit varying client needs and age-related concerns. As a trained physiotherapist with over 3 years of private sector experience, 3 years of NHS experience and work within Elite Sport, I can help you regain control and return to your active lifestyle in no time.

Physio led injury rehab and performance services.

Clinic in the Heart of Ilkley.
7A Railway Road, Ilkley, LS29 8HQ

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Tom is a Chartered Physiotherapist, Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coach, Sports Massage Therapist and has completed APPI Pilates training. He is committed to constantly improve his practice and skills.

He has extensive experience, having worked in elite sport, private sector, sporting events and the NHS. Here, he has built up experience in areas such as persistent pain, inflammatory conditions, post operative and elderly care, COVID-19 recovery and more.

His motto is 'Rehab, Prevent, Perform' because he not only wants to help you recover from injury, but he wants to help keep you stay healthy and strong so that you can thrive in whatever it is you want to do. This starts with finding and treating the root cause of your problem, not just the symptoms. 

If you've got pain, or if you want to be able to play with your grandchildren, get a PB, improve your bone density, reduce your risk of falls and more, Tom is here to help.

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Need expert guidance to maximise sports performance? Let Summit Physiotherapy come to your rescue. I am a trained physiotherapist, offering specialised training for a range of sports-related activities. My experience as a local physiotherapist has equipped me with key insights into effective sports training and injury treatments. To book an appointment with me, contact 01943818649 or fill out the online form.

Find us at 7A Railway Rd, Ilkley, LS29 8HQ

Call: 01943 818649

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