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  • Discussion re goals, training history, injuries and more.

  • Riding analysis

  • Bike measurements

  • Saddle height

  • Cleats positioning

  • Recommendations on next steps 

  • Bike fit report

  • £100

  • Follow if needed


As per basic fit +

  • Off bike Physio assessment 

  • Movement analysis 

  • Tailored rehab plan

  • Full assessment  paperwork emailed post fit

  • £185

  • Complementary follow up if needed

WHAT TO EXPECT (advanced)

Step one - Initial consultation

  • A detailed discussion to ascertain your riding and training goals and a full medical assessment regarding your previous and current injuries, medical health, medications and nature of your current discomforts/injuries.

  • This is often the most important aspect of the bike fit as it guides the remaining steps.

Step two - Physio examination

  • Much like the initial physical examination in our physiotherapy appointments. This will help us to formulate a rehab plan and identify diagnosis and cause of injuries. 

  • Please see 'Physiotherapy' under 'Services' to find out more.

Step three - On bike examination + adjustments

  • Time to get onto the bike! You will spend a little bit of time riding at a comfortable speed and then at a 'tempo' speed - i.e a speed you could sustain for an hour but no more.

  • Each of these speeds will be recorded using our camera.

  • Some key measurements will be identified and we will identify a few areas to start with. this involves a little bit of tinkering, getting on and off the bike to assess, change and review

  • We will then repeat the filming process and review to identify how the new position feels.

  • This will all be recorded in the assessment proforma which will be sent to you after the session.

Step four - Review, exercise prescription and recommendations

  • Based on the physio and bike assessments, we will review the changes made together on the screen and a full explanation detailing the process will be given.

  • We will then record 2-3 specific exercises to do at home and recommendations on bike parts/sizes specific to you will be given..

What we expect from you

  • To minimise time disruption, please ensure your bike and cleats are clean and in full working condition.

  • Please ensure that any moveable parts such as cleat/seat tube/handle bar bolts are lubricated - a seized bolt could derail a session!

  • Bring your usual riding kit including any other pairs of shoes you use.

Our promise to you

  • If you aren't completely satisfied with the outcome of the fit, we want to ensure that you are happy and comfortable and we will do whatever we can to achieve this.

  • A complementary follow up bike fit is provided on advanced plans.

If you need more information please call 01943 818649 or use our online booking form!

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