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  • Where do I park?
    Railway Road has free parking for one hour. Please use the parking meter to get a ticket for the free hour. If you have an hour appointment, you will need to pay for a little longer as sessions may overrun. The clinic is in the town centre so please make every effort to walk/cycle or take public transport.
  • What do I do when I arrive?
    Once you have parked, please make your way to 7A Railway Road, LS29 8HQ. Please go through the side door to the right of Emporio Italian where the business signs are. Make your way up the stairs to the side of the building and turn left at the top. Here you will see my clinic room sign. Please take a seat in the chair outside my clinic. Please press 'Arrived' on the reminder booking email - this will notify me that you have arrived. and I will come out to meet you. If you are struggling with directions please call 01943 818649.
  • What should I wear?
    This is a really common question. Please wear loose fitting clothing that allows the clinician to assess the injured area. For example, if you are a woman and have shoulder pain, please wear a vest that exposes your shoulder. If you have knee pain, please wear shorts or trousers/leggings that roll up above the knees. If you are attending a movement session, please use active wear, bring water and snacks.
  • Do you do mobile visits?
    Yes! We want to be as accessible and helpful as we can. This may be appropriate for some of our clients who find using stairs difficult as we are situated on the first floor. There is a flat rate of £5.00 for a call out charge, and anything above 5 miles will be charged per mile to cover fuel costs.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    This depends on a few things, however we will never say you need a certain amount as unfortunately we are not fortune tellers! It depends on: Your medical history The complexity, nature and time you have had your injury What your aims, goals and outcomes are!
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