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Physiotherapy Ilkley


Chartered Physiotherapists are experts in movement analysis, injury diagnosis and management . We will spend 50 minutes together going through a detailed history of your injury or problem.


This will then be followed by a physical examination that will look at your movement and may include specific tests to help identify the cause of the problem. We aim to be as up to date with the current science as possible and seek to look at the wider factors involved in your pain.



After the examination. we will outline and agree together a few key treatment areas to address. This may include:

Tailored home based exercise and rehab program consisting of 2-3 exercises. We appreciate life is busy and want to help you get back to what you want to do as soon as possible without overwhelming you. We use an app called Phydeo that sends you a copy of the exercises for you to access at home. 

Detailed explanation of what the problem and management plan is with no jargon and patient friendly terms.

Manual therapy such as passive mobilisations as an adjunct to help reduce pain and improve movement so that you can move more freely and focus on the exercises prescribed. 


Sports massage, taping and more.

Movement therapy - utilising our equipment at the gym and clinic space. We also incorporate movements based on yoga and pilates to help restore movement, flexibility and strength whilst reducing pain.

Relaxation and breathing techniques to help reduce pain, improve joint awareness and reduce stress that can contribute to pain.


After the initial appointment, you may require a follow up appointment to review, progress and to further your exercises/rehab. These are 30 or 45 minutes in length.

You may then decide to continue your training in a 1:1 setting such as through our Strength and Conditioning coaching, Pilates sessions or an 8 week training plan so that you not only recover from injury, but excel in your performance.  

We also offer running analysis, deep tissue massage, bike fits, balance and falls prevention sessions and much more!

Strength & Conditioning
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