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Deep Tissue Massage by Sports Physiotherapist

What is it?

Treat yourself to a deep tissue massage from a qualified sports massage therapist and physiotherapist. 

  • Relieve tension 

  • Reduce injury risk

  • Recover well

  • Feel better!

Deep tissue massage is a specific type of massage technique.


It uses deep pressure to target areas of tension and tightness from everyday stressors such as work, sports or general life.


We also offer pre-event massage as a general 'flush out' to improve your:

  • Circulation

  • Muscle relaxation

  • Sense of 'freshness' pre-event to help you perform to your best.


We then offer post events massage to:

  • Help you recover faster.

  • Get you back to training sooner.

  • Reduce the risk of injuries.


Soft Tissue massage Ilkley

Restore your overall flexibility with soft tissue massage today. Soft tissue massage is excellent for sports rehabilitation and uses gentle techniques to promote muscle elasticity. The therapy also helps relax muscles, boost endorphins and improve circulation.

Get in Touch

If you are looking for sports physiotherapy, Summit Physiotherapy is the place for you. As a trained sports physiotherapist, I provide personalised services designed to suit people of all ages. My scope of speciality includes expertise in all techniques of sports physio. To book an appointment, contact 01943818649 or fill out the online form.

Please call 01943 818649 for more information or to book.
Alternatively, please use our online booking form.

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