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Strength & Conditioning

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What to expect

Free discovery chat 

Get in touch to book your FREE 10 minute discovery call to discuss your current goals and to explore if this is right for you.


Initial Consultation - 90 mins

Your background

  • Informal chat about your goals, training history and chosen activity/hobby you want to improve

  • Mapping out of events/competitions throughout the year

Physical Testing 

  • Movement screening

  • Physical testing to gain an idea of where you are at; your strengths, weaknesses and areas to work on specific to your goals, sport or activity. 

Program Design and Training:

  • You will be designed a personalised and tailored training plan after the session based on the initial consultation. This can be completed independently or with professional coaching at the clinic. 

  • The one-one training sessions are tailored to YOU 

  • Subsequent sessions are either 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

Review and Progress

  • We will revisit the performance testing each month to see how you're progressing, because if we're not assessing, then we're guessing!

Strength & Conditioning
Strength & Conditioning
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